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“We are organizing a Venezuela solidarity group of North American activists in opposition to the attacks by the U.S. and Canada. The approaching 2024 presidential election in Venezuela will likely precipitate ever greater regime-change efforts by the imperialists accompanied by an intensified propaganda campaign. At the same time, the approaching 2024 U.S. presidential election will likely consume considerable energy among the progressive-leaning public and some left activists, who may be less inclined to criticize the current party in the U.S. executive.

Our intention is to build a solidarity group focused on Venezuela similar to existing groups addressing Cuba and Nicaragua. We will focus on responding to the imperialist threat and avoid engaging in the internal politics of Venezuela. We will start with a core group of activists and then branch out, incorporating more individuals, activities, and campaigns as our organizational capacity develops.

The group intends to serve as a catalyst for solidarity work around Venezuela and to be a place to exchange ideas and launch projects and campaigns. Our focus will be to lift the deadly U.S. sanctions and fight against all forms of imperialist attacks against Venezuela. Our meetings will regularly take time to report on and discuss the current situation in Venezuela.” 

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